Mission Statement

The Johns Hopkins Undergraduate Law Review was founded in December 2017 by then Johns Hopkins sophomore Kiana Boroumand. Comprised of undergraduate students in all disciplines, our staff is dedicated to engaging young voices and providing accessible, informed, and thought-provoking legal analysis. 

As members of the greater undergraduate community, we strive to reflect the diverse interests and viewpoints of individuals within the Hopkins community and beyond. We are committed to building dialogue, not only about the pressing and oft-covered issues of our time, but also the worthwhile topics that have escaped public scrutiny.  

The Law Review has two main components: the online platform, on which we regularly publish articles, and the print journal, which comes out annually each spring. Our goal is to provide readers with a platform to discuss and debate a wide variety of matters concerning the law. In addition to our staff writers, we encourage all those who are interested to submit pieces to JHULR Online.