Guidelines for Uploading Articles

We recently completed the process of overhauling our JHULR Google Drive folder to make it more efficient, organized, and accessible for staff and executive board members. Following are updated instructions on how editors and staff writer should upload articles and access organizational content in the new system:

For Staff Writers

  • Upload your pieces in the “JHULR 2020-2021 Submissions” folder using the following title template: 
    • Last Name – Abbreviated Article Title – Date
    • Ex. Mathew – The Modern Immigration Regime – 10/26

For Editors

  • Make your edits, comments, and suggestions directly on the writer’s submitted document using the Suggested Edits mode
  • In the top right, if you don’t see “Suggesting,” click Editing and then Suggesting
  • Remind the writer to save original versions locally on their computer if they wish to keep them
  • Work with writer through as many rounds of edits as needed to prepare the piece for publication
  • When the article is ready for submission, transfer piece to the “Final Submissions” folder contained within the “JHULR | Members” parent folder, renaming the pieces according to the following title template:
    • Last Name (Date Transferred) – FINAL
    • Ex. Mathew (11/26) – FINAL