Editor in Chief

Letter from the Editor

Dear Readers, 

As we move into the new semester, we will be making some slight changes at the Johns Hopkins Undergraduate Law Review, while continuing our mission to provide a platform for accessible, informed, and thought-provoking legal analysis. Following the graduation of our founder and Editor in Chief Kiana Boroumand in December, I will be transitioning from the Co-Editor in Chief role I held in the fall to the sole Editor in Chief in the spring. I was fortunate to join the JHULR at its inception and have since had the opportunity to watch it become an integral part of the Hopkins pre-law community. It is my privilege to be the Editor in Chief, and I hope to continue the great work that has turned the Law Review into all that it is today. 

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank our outgoing Editor in Chief Kiana Boroumand. As its founder and leader, Kiana took the JHULR from an idea to a successful publication and vibrant community. I am deeply indebted to Kiana’s hard work in laying the foundation for the journal’s future. Without her vision and dedication, our law review would certainly not be what it is today. As the new Editor in Chief, I undoubtedly have big shoes to fill, but will be helped along the way by all I have learned from working with Kiana.  

That said, this is an extremely exciting time for the JHULR. We have just closed our submissions period for our spring journal and received an incredible response, with submissions pouring in from all over the country. Over the coming months, our editorial team will work to prepare some of these fantastic pieces for final publication. In the meantime, we will continue to post pieces online from our many staff writers. Additionally, we plan to hold events throughout the upcoming semester that will provide opportunities for interested students to engage with important lawyers and law students working on graduate level law reviews.  

Finally, I would like to thank our writers and editors, advisors, and all those who have supported us. It is their dedication that allows the JHULR to thrive and continue to grow in the future. 

Ian Elliott

Editor in Chief 

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